The reason for water pump not coming out of water and the method of excluding water out of pump
The reason why the pump unit does not go out after starting up is:
The reason why the pump unit does not go out after starting up is:

Causes of water pump not water 1, there is air or intake pipe gas in the pump, or bottom valve closure is not strict irrigation water is not satisfied, or vacuum pump packing serious leakage, gate valve or slap door closure is not strict. Removal of water pump: remove debris, replace the damaged rubber pad, change the direction of the valve; press or replace new filler, close the gate valve or flap; increase the amount of irrigation until the bleeding plug does not bubbles; replace cracked pipes; lower the lift, the pump nozzle into the water 0.5 meters.

The reason why the pump does not water 2, when starting the pump does not rotate: the packing is too tight or between the impeller and the pump body is stuck by debris and blocked, or pump shaft, bearing, leak ring rust, or pump shaft serious bending. The methods of eliminating the water out of the pump are: relaxing the packing, dredging the water sink; removing debris and rust from the pump body; removing the pump shaft to correct or replace the new pump shaft.111111111 Causes of water pump not water 3, pump heating bearing damage: rolling bearing or bracket cover clearance is too small; pump shaft bending or two axles are not aligned; belt is too tight; lack of oil or poor oil quality; impeller balancing hole plugging, impeller out of balance, increased the thrust to one side.

The methods of eliminating the water out of the pump are: replacing the bearing; removing the back cover, installing gaskets between the bracket and the bearing seat; adjusting the concentricity of the pump shaft or the two shafts; adjusting the belt tightness properly; filling clean butter, which accounts for 60% of the bearing clearance; removing the plug in the balance hole.

It Causes of pump not water 4, inadequate flow after starting: rotational speed is not matched or belt skidding, so that the rotational speed is low; axial flow pump blade installation angle is too small; head is insufficient; suction is on the high side; bottom valve, pipeline and impeller partial blockage or impeller defect; outlet pipe leakage is serious. Removal of water pump: restore the rated speed, remove the belt grease, adjust the belt tightness; adjust the blade angle, reduce the installation position of the pump; seal the leak of the pump, compress the packing; remove the clog, replace the impeller; replace the leak reducing ring, plug the leak.